Wow. It’s really been a while. I hate to say thing, but I almost forgot about my blog! Well, not anymore! Summer’s here and now I’m so excited to be back blogging again. So much has happened… a new job… a new city… a new guy… and now I’m going to share it with you. It’s good to be back.


Heyy everyone! Its Zoe. I hope you are all having fabulous summers! Almost every day, I’ve been working on my tan at the beach. Spending time with family, with friends, and guys is always very fun and eventful. I went home this weekend to spend time with my family. Being in my old room, with all of my old things really got me thinking about time. I was driving down the street to the beach when I thought about something: not very many years ago, I was eagerly waiting to get my drivers permit. It really freaks me out thinking about time. I’m just trying to make the best out of all of the experiences I go through. But I need your help on a major decision. I have long, brown, curly hair. It’s not like Taylor Swift curly, more like Carrie Bradshaw’s  in the later seasons. But still it’s think, curly, frizzy, and I have a lot of it. But I have figured out ways to take care of it so its manageable. But I was thinking about maybe cutting it…Anne Hathaway or Selena Gomez style. Please let me know because I don’t want to make a really bad decision!! Is it going to be going out of style soon? Or is it a risk that’s worth it?

My Hair...ish

My Hair...ish

Girl Crushes

Check out my new page located at the top of my site. It’s called “Girl Crushes”. Its a bunch of pictures of celebrities whos styles I admire and aspire to emmulate.

I went to Ann Taylor today and bought two pairs of shoes that I really want to share with you…

Photo 326

Photo 327Photo 328

Summer reading

I love cozy-ing up with these books. Here are some of the books I read over and over again, even though I know how they end.


I just found a cute application on my computer called Comic Life. It allows you to make Comic Book styled pages. Instead, I have made collages. Here’s what I’ve made so far. Enjoy!


Love 21

Forever 21 came out with an amazing new line called Love 21. Here are some of the items I think are absolutely amazing:

So those are some of my favorite Love 21 pieces. I also wanted to share with you some pieces that I bought from Forever 21. Enjoy!