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Wow. It’s really been a while. I hate to say thing, but I almost forgot about my blog! Well, not anymore! Summer’s here and now I’m so excited to be back blogging again. So much has happened… a new job… a new city… a new guy… and now I’m going to share it with you. It’s good to be back.


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Absolutely Stunning

Penelope Cruz is a goddess

Picture 1

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Yes We Can

Tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow makes history.
Tomorrow Barack Obama becomes, officialy
The President of the United States.
The First Black President.
I want change.


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope next year brings you happiness and love! Click here to see my resolutions for this year.
Love always,

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I love that song by Britney Spears. “If U Seek Amy”. Say it 5 times fast. Notice anything? (F. U. C. K. Me. So clever, Brit.)

Anyways, sorry I haven’t written a post in a while. I’ve been so swamped at the magazine because everyone is trying to get their work done before vacation. Also, I have some news to share. I’m going to be living in France for a few weeks. Try about 10. I’ll mostly be in the north, but I’ll also be traveling around a bit. This “New York Cherie” is going to become more of a “Cherie” than before. So, come back for some facts! I’m sure I’ll use my blog as a good place to vent about how hard it is adjusting. I am going by myself with just a little bit of high school french to use. So, hopefully, I’ll come back fluent with some great memories to share!

Also, I was thinking about updating you guys on my love life. Or… lack there of. With all of the pressure from work on getting things just right before vacation, I’ve been so busy that it’s hard to have a social life. I feel like a kid back in high school stressing over midterms! Another part of high school that will never leave me is the constant cramming of work to do. But anyways, although I have no love life at the moment, I can’t wait for what New Years Eve or France will bring me! I’ll be sure to keep you in check.

I’m back at my parents’ for Christmas. All of my siblings are here and so is the family dog, which makes if feel just like old times. Even though one of my two older sisters brought her boyfriend home and my brother can never seem to get a quiet moment with his blackberry beeping at every second, it feels like old times. Isn’t that what this season is about? Being with the ones you love? The only thing that complete my family right now would be  having my six best friends here with me right now.

So I’m in cold New York. There is snow on the ground, by brother, dad, and my sister’s boyfriend are all huddled around the fireplace talking economics and business. My sisters, mom, and I are getting presents and food ready for Christmas. Everything feels so prefect. I was sitting at home with my sister and dad while the rest of my family was out. I got to thinking about all of the traditions I had with my family. The Christmas mornings we’d walk downstairs to a tree with presents underneath and presents from Santa with our stockings. The constant involuntary happiness all of the time. This is why I love Christmas time. My parents would never fight, neither would me and my siblings. Everyone was together eating great food, having great laughs. I couldn’t help but wonder: when would I be able to make my own traditions with my own family? My own kids? My own husband? I guess I’ll just have to wait until 2009 to see what’s in store for me.

New Years Resolutions:
1) Shop less, give back more.
2) Excel at work, especially when I’m in France. 
3) Be a more accepting person to change.
4) Be the kind of friend a friend would like to have.
5) Love with my whole heart and never hold back.

What are your resolutions?

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-25 Days of Christmas (1 Daily Christmas Song, Christmas Recipe, Winter piece of clothing, Christmas movie)

-Favorite Holiday things to do in NY

-More on my life in High School and today.

Any suggestions?

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Any Suggestions?

Does anyone have any good suggestions for stores online? I am kind of getting bored of the ones that I check everyday 😀

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