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I just wanted to congratulate Leanne. Her style is so cute. She’s from California, and has a kind of vintage/boho/ Urban Outiftters style, while still being cute, feminine, and flirty. Her final collection was so adorable. I loved the colors she used. Congrats! (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)


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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated much recently but work has been crazy with all of the fashion events recently. So, here are just a few updates:


1) I am posting a guest blog on “A Vogue Idea” (Link can be found on my blog roll) She’s one of my closest friends so be sure to check it out! I talk about my job a lot which I haven’t done much here.

2) I’m starting and Advice Column. You can send me advice by going to the About Moi part of my blog found at the top of the page. Just scroll down and you’ll see an entry box. You can ask my about anything! Clothes, boys, New York City, anything you need help with! So, that’s open as of now.

3) Any favorites about fashion week? Let me know by commenting here so I can check them out! I’d love to see the kind of fashion you guys all like.

Thanks for checking out my blog. A new entry will probably go up this weekend. Infinite x’s and o’s, Zoe

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