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Henry Mancini told people that he wrote “Moon River” for Audrey Hepburn herself. I’m not saying anything bad about Audrey. She’s my role model. I love her as much as Charlotte Yorke admires Elizabeth Taylor. But, as I sit on my couch looking outside my window, I realize something: This song is about New York City. We all have Holly Golightly moments at Breakfast at Tiffany’s, like waking up early to drink coffee and eat a pastry outside of her favorite store. She found a tradition that makes her feel happy.  As I went out to work this morning, I saw my first leaf fall. I mean, I see them on the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue and in Central Park, but you get a special feeling when you see a leaf break off from the branch. The seasons have officially changed, and it’s time to let go. So, all I have to say is follow your heart. Never let anyone control the things you love. Life’s about following love. Following the one you love. There’s so much to figure out and to learn, but I always know that New York will never change. Some parts will be different. The people will come and go. But what I think of as New York, will always be in my heart. I can’t help but wonder: if I’ve found love in a city, why is it so hard to find love in a person?


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I want to hear from you guys. What type of article would you like me to write about next?

P.S. You can comment on this post to tell me specifics about what to right about e.g.

For Food- Restaurants, recipes, books, shows, etc.

For High School- The experience, the social aspect, the all girl school way of meeting guys, etc.

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Trends for Fall

            This season, it all depends on 10 essentials. Here are my following recommendations for fall trends:

1) Flat Knee High Boots

-These shoes go with almost everything and can be used as casual, or in some cases more fancy. Some good recommendations for flat knee high boots can be found at Urban Outfitters, Aldo, and Piperlime.com. (Example: Minnetonka Triple Fringe from Urban Outfitters $98.00.)

2) Heeled Boots

-Another good buy for shoes are heeled boots. They can be knee-highs or also ankle boots. 


For store suggestions, see Flat Knee High Boots. (Example: Tribeca By Kenneth Cole from Piperlime $70.00.)

3) Leather Jacket

-Leather jackets are perfectly paired with a dress or just jeans. They can be expensive, so make sure that it’s a good quality one from a store like Intermix or Urban Outfitters. If you want one that’s not as expensive, you can try H&M. (Example: Nathan Leather Bomber Jacket from Intermix $890.00)

4) Anything Plaid

-Whether it’s a flannel shirt or dress, a cute coat, or a sweater, plaid is a big print this year. You can get a flannel shirt from L.L. Bean or Urban Outfitters. (Example: BDG Fitted Buffalo Plaid Tunic from Urban Outfitters $58.00)

5) Colored Jeans

-These pants are fun and add color to some of the dreary fall days. I have purple, blue, red, and grey pants from a company called Tripp Jeans found at HotTopic.com. Don’t be fooled by the website’s “punk” theme. The pants are part spandex, part denim so they are really comfortable. (Example: Trip Turquoise Suspender Pants from Hot Topic $39.00.)

6) Knit Berets

-Urban Outfitters is the place to go for slouchy wool berets. They’re colorful, fun, and pretty reasonably priced. (Example: Chunky Waffle Beret $14.99.)

7) Oversized Sweaters

-Oversized sweaters are so comfortable and so often worn. My sister and I get ours not only from Target, but also the men’s section at gap. They’re so comfortable and so reasonably priced. (Example: The V-Neck sweaters from Gap $19.99.) 

8) Doubled Breasted Coats

-I’ve found that my favorite coat is from a boutique in the Hamptons. Double-breasted coats add a classy look to any outfit you are wearing. Some good stores include Blufly.com, Barney’s, and Urban Outfitters. (Example: Hilary Radley Tweed Wool Coat from Bluefly $118.00.)

9) Wool Sweaters

-A wool sweater is a good excuse for a fun patterned sweater. My favorite is the kind with toggles. For example, the BDG Intarsia Shawl Collar Cardigan from Urban $78.00.)

10) Fur

-The Last trend for fall is fur. Fur jackets and coats are very in this season. The best place to buy them is at vintage stores. But for example, here is one from Intermix: Faux Leopard Fur Jacket $298.00.

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I just wanted to congratulate Leanne. Her style is so cute. She’s from California, and has a kind of vintage/boho/ Urban Outiftters style, while still being cute, feminine, and flirty. Her final collection was so adorable. I loved the colors she used. Congrats! (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated much recently but work has been crazy with all of the fashion events recently. So, here are just a few updates:


1) I am posting a guest blog on “A Vogue Idea” (Link can be found on my blog roll) She’s one of my closest friends so be sure to check it out! I talk about my job a lot which I haven’t done much here.

2) I’m starting and Advice Column. You can send me advice by going to the About Moi part of my blog found at the top of the page. Just scroll down and you’ll see an entry box. You can ask my about anything! Clothes, boys, New York City, anything you need help with! So, that’s open as of now.

3) Any favorites about fashion week? Let me know by commenting here so I can check them out! I’d love to see the kind of fashion you guys all like.

Thanks for checking out my blog. A new entry will probably go up this weekend. Infinite x’s and o’s, Zoe

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(Lyric from: Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne)

It’s been a down week so far. This weekend better make up for the hellish weekend I’ve had. But, on a brighter note, I was re-doing my closet this past weekend to prepare for the winter. Here are some of my favorite outfits:


That’s my navy blue Urban Outfitters dress. You can tell in the picture on the bottom that the straps are twisted. Its called the Lux Spiral Dress. A really good buy. I had a chiffon obsession for a while.


This is my high waisted black pencil skirt. I had to hold it in the back because it’s too big. That made my day. I pair it with that orange satin shirt for a good office outfit.











I wore this dress to a benefit last year. I love it. It’s so confortable, an the black design at the top is very fun.












This is my DVF dress. I love her. The colors in her clothes are so fun. I love the colorblock design here, and I love the flap of material where the turquoise meets the black.


This is my Chloe dress. I love it. It’s so flowy (you can tell how much I like it from the way I was twirling in the pictures). 

Also, guys, do you have any questions about stores or clothes in New York? Or any questions in general. I’m here to answer!!


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That’s the last line in the Sex and the City movie. “Carrie” and I just had a movie night and watched the Sex and the City move for the second time. It makes you realize how good your friends are. My friends are my soulmates and I know they’ll never let me down. Love is comforting. So for this post, I’m sharing my favorite Sex and the City moments with you.

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