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I love the outfits the girls wear on 90210 and Gossip Girl. They’re always so chic, flawless, and fabulous. I tried to match some of my favorite outfits at affordable prices and here is what I’ve found.












-Annie on 90210 wears this outfit. I couldn’t find a polka dotted sweater that went with the dress.

-Dress and sweater, both Urban Outiftters





-Jenny Humphrey wears this on Gossip Girl. It love the silouette and the ribbon belt. It was hard to find. I looked on Betsey Johnson with many cute baby doll dresses, but I was determined to find one similar to Jenny’s. This was the best I could find from Victoria’s Secret (with other colors), so I may try a vintage store.



-Annie wears this dress on 90210. I found this turquoise chiffon dress on Urban Outfitters. It isn’t pleated, but it’s cute, n’est-ce pas?




-Serena and Blair wear these really cute backless dresses on Gossip Girl. Paired with skinny belts, these American Apparel dresses (the back is to the right of Blair and Serena) match almost perfectly, but they’re more casual and look extremely comfortable.

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