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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on recently. I know probably seems like a pathetic excuse, but seriously: work has taken over my life. My one relationship that I had going with “Mr. Big” completely just is over. I find him becoming more and more like Justin Bobby every day: He seems so interested in me, and then when I try to make a move, or when I try to make plans, he just backs out. Whatever, you know I’ll keep you updated. By blog is my #1 venting place.

But basically life has been fine. My sister who I’m really close with is starting to make it in the acting business and I’m so pround of her. We’re 4 years apart but we’re so close. So I’m really proud of her and I hope that her talent brings her luck!

For any of you who read A Vogue Idea, written by my best friend Meg, I just wanted to let you know that she’s doing great! She’s kind of stepped away from all leisures, and has been really focused in her work and her acting. She had a little bit of a set back today: she didn’t get the lead in a major motion picture. But I know that she’s so talented and that she’ll pull through.

Anyways, it’s starting to be allergy season which means spring is coming! When I was in high school, all spring meant to me was summer was just around the corner. I go for walks in the park and once its 3:00 PM, I see all of the school girls in their skirts, which makes me miss how easy life used to be when it was so routine: wake up, school, work, sleep. Weekends were for partying. Your parents grounded you. But anyways, back on track, I wanted to do a little piece on prom! I know that my prob was in May, but all of these sights are putting up dress options, so I’m going to share my favorites with you! Enjoy! PLEASE be sure to comment! You have no idea how helpful comments are! xoxox Zoe


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I had such a great yesterday with Carrie in our beautiful New York spring weather. It was so great to catch up after I had been gone for so long. We cleared through some of the drama that was lingering from before, and we rekindled, making our friendship stronger than ever. She’s been so busy lately with filming, her love life, some family issues, and new friends that it’s been hard to just get a moment alone with her. But, I’ve got to say, being with her yesterday felt just like our high school years. Yes, it’s been a few years, but we used to be the fashion forward girls in love with two things: our city and each other. Yesterday, I felt like we were those two, young, carefree girls again. Life was so much simpler before sex, work, taxes, and other things came into play. Yesterday, we not only rekindled our friendship, but we also revisited places we had gone when we were little. Central Park is a place of wonders. To the New Yorker, it’s the only hint of nature in sight. I didn’t know until the beginning of high school that the park isn’t actually nature, since it’s technically artificial. But to the New Yorker, it’s an escape from the craziness. That’s one of the things I love about New York: there are always streets you’ve never been on, corners you have yet to explore. But also, you have the best memories in places that will never change. If you are ever in New York, visit our closest thing to the outdoors and do the following things:

Central Park Snack Stop

If you go to central park, you absolutely HAVE to try one of the authentic pretzels or hot dogs. A pretzel with mustard or a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, or both is an absolute necessity if you want to be accepted by a New Yorker. If it’s spring or summer, you can also treat yourself to a King Cone, Firecracker, or Chocolate Eclair ice cream…all of those three are my favorites.

Imagine Mosaic at Strawberry Fields

After John Lennon was shot, they dedicated a section of the park to his musical and songwriting brilliance. In Straberry Fields, there is a famous mosaic that says “Imagine” after his song advocating peace. This touristy spot represents so much not only in musical history but also the history of the United States. If you want to pay your respects, this is the perfect place to do so.

Belvedere Castle

For a great view of bits of Central Park and part of the city, go to Belvedere Castle. This fairy tale setting is perfect for kids. So cliché, but when I was little, I used to play here with my friends and we’d make believe we were princesses. It’s a great walk, with a great reward as a view.

Bethesda Fountain

Speaking of princesses, in Enchanted starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, the catchy number “That’s How You Know” is filmed here. This fountain is a right next to part of the pond, and is great for relaxing. With benches, the edge of the fountain, and stairs crowded with people taking a seat from a long walk, this is a great meeting place.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

For all of you who don’t know what a reservoir, its basically a large pond-esque body of water, artificially made, as a water source. The Reservoir is known by Upper East Side private school kids as death…as we had to run there for gym class in school. Even though I hated running then, the view was worth it. The pond is surrounded by a tar running lane, and below that, there is the bridal path, where you can walk, bike, run, etc. by yourself or with your dog. This part of the park is great for excersize, and at night, has a beautiful 360 degree view.

Bow Bridge

The Bow Bridge is one of my favorite views of Central Park. Usually holding  many tourists, locals, brides, and grooms, this bridge has a view of the water, trees, and buildings. It’s gorgeous on a warm spring day, and is the perfect hint of city with nature. It totally does it for me.

Central Park Boat Rowing

If all of that walking is making your legs tired, give them a rest and let your arms put in some effort. Rowing boats on the water is a fun activity for kids and adults. Bring a camera, if you have the courage, to take pictures with your friends during this fun activity. Try not to tip over, an embarassing event I’ve never witnessed while here. Neighboring the boats is the fancy Boathouse restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend going there in your boating clothes, but it’s a great restaurant used for many weddings hidden in Central Park.

The Carousel

There isn’t really much to say about this one, except for the fact that I have many memories here with my family. This fun ride is cheap, and will get “Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 🙂

The Mall

Unlike suburbia, we don’t have shopping malls in the city. Instead, our mall is a long, wide walkway through the park. On either side, there are benches with musicians. It’s the perfect place for roller blading, skateboarding, etc. It kind of has the essence of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris if any of you have been there before. With this fun, lively space, you can stay here for hours just people watching.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to New York! Of course there are many more sections and activities I love that I didn’t add, but you should! Comment and let me know what your favorite parts of the park are. If you have any questions, requests, or advice, also let me know! I’d love to hear what you have to say. xoxoxox Zoe

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Hey Everyone! Happy March!! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve just really been trying to absorb everything here in France before I leave! My trip has gone by so quickly, but I’m ready to go back. I miss old New York!

As I have been here in France, it has given me a lot of time to really think on my life. I’ve figured out so much about myself, and I feel like I ‘ve changed for the better. I’m really going to be giving my work a 100% effort. I really want to excell. Good things will come in the future. It reminds me of when I was in maybe sophomore year. Right about now, they’d start talking to us about APs, colleges, occupations, etc. I couldn’t believe it was finally my turn! I have 3 older sibilings so it was astonishing for me because years before, I had been mocking my siblings for having to take the SATs. But right about now, I realized that reality struck. But anyways, I’m sorry if I can’t post daily. I’ll try at least once a week.

As a part of lent, I’ve decided to 1) Quit smoking (I’ve started up again now being in France…) 2) To go to the gym. My friend “Stacy” and I are going to take some yoga classes, too. Exercise + Better posture= AMAZING and 3) Think about what I wear. I always envied the girls in my school who wore designers or who looked beautiful even to go to school. So now, I’ve decided that a little bit of effort, the night before or the day of, never hurt anybody.

But anyways, you may be confused about the title of this post. Well, I’ve adopted a new obsession with swing music. It’s so comforting. I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong decade, and now I think that decade was the 40s. I loved the fashion, the music, everything. Think, The Notebook, one of my all-time favorite movies. So, I’ve assembled a little montage of 40s items for you, with some modern twist. Enjoy!

PS I’m really in love with dresses for the spring and summer, so keep an eye out for any cute ones! I’ll be posting ones I find, but if anyone posts on this showing my cute dresses, I’d really appreciate it and use them in my blog posts!! xoxox

1940s Fashion
1940s Fashion – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com

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Continued from love letdown

The next day I woke up and grabbed my towel, shampoo, and conditioner, as always to go take a shower before my photography class started. Only, I realized that there was a trail of rose pedals leading to my door, down the hallway, and to the floor’s landing. There was “Big” who had fallen asleep waiting for me to wake up. On his lap were a bouquet of roses and a card. Apparently, “Big” had things he wanted to say to me. He just couldn’t tell me verbally. I pulled out the card, trying not to wake him up. It read something like this:

Dear Zoe,
I’m sorry I’ve been a jackass. I just don’t like people using me. I know that my life is a bit different from others, but I can’t take it when people are using me to get fame. You know? Anyways, “Miranda” explained everything to me last night. We have some talking to do. I just couldn’t say this. I wanted to make sure I could say everything without forgetting a single detail. So, here are a dozen roses. I hope you forgive me, Zo. Because I love you. I do.

My heart dropped! Was my childhood fantasy just fulfilled? Was I Belle? I realize now looking back on it this was a very Beauty and the Beast situation: my beast turned into my prince again as soon as the last pedal fell. Literally. I played Prince Charming here when I kissed him to wake him up. He was startled and moved away. I told him I loved him, too. We smiled and kissed some more. It turns out, “Miranda” had gone down after I had cried my eyes out to give “Big” a piece of her mind. She is always the opinionated type. There had been wrong information given by Carlie, my ex-friend starting at that point. “Big’s” mom was a famous actress, who I will not reveal. But he thought I knew and was just using him to get to the fame, or so Carlie told him. When I asked him what he thought about the movie she was in, he thought I was assuring the fact that I knew. So he backed off. It was all just a “Big” misunderstanding (I had to throw that in there to channel some Carrie Bradshaw).

I still talk to “Big” every now and then. He lives in L.A. which makes it difficult. But whenever he’s in New York, I make him buy me a cosmopolitan. I chose to write about this on my blog because it was my first love. Also, I’ve been hearing from him a little lately, so cherished memories came back alive. But who knows? Maybe you/ I will be hearing more about my “Mr. Big” soon. J’espère!! (For all of you non-frenchies that means I hope!!)


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Love Letdown

Continued from the mille-feuille

The next day was a no-class day. After finding the perfect outfit to wear, doing my makeup and my hair, and grabbing “Miranda” out of her room, I went down to the commons where everyone met up. I came down to see a girl I saw around on “Big’s” lap. They were being a little cuddly. As soon as I walked in the room, everyone got kind of quiet. It just made things even more awkward. When I went over to say hi, he responded dismissively. Not in the mood for drama, I just turned around and walked over to the couch where I sat down and talked to people. We talked for a little while, the entire time I was trying not to stare at my very flirtatious guy with this random slut. He announced the two were going to go out to lunch and left hand in hand. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe how my perfect summer romance, the guy who I thought was my first love, left me so randomly! I just sat there quietly as his friends said goodbye. As soon as he left, everyone was explaining how confused they were too…everyone except Carlie. The group of us decided to go to a café for lunch. On the walk over, I ran to catch up with Carlie. The person she was talking to lingered so it was just her and me. The perfect opportunity for me to get something out of her. When I explained how I felt, she was just kind of awkwardly nodding. I asked her what was wrong and she told me it wasn’t her business but I should probably talk to “Big”. Oh great. Now I know there was officially drama.

Later that night, “Big” was no where to be seen. I didn’t want to seem to clingy so I didn’t call him. OK, that’s a lie. I called him like twice. Neither of which he answered. So, I let it go. But not for long. I was sitting in the hallway of my floor with my friends which was directly above his floor. I saw him walk up to his friends, but then the rest I couldn’t see. I quickly ran to my room to see how I looked. Then I went downstairs to set everything straight. As soon as he saw me, he knew what I had to say. He told me to come to his room so we could talk.

I covered all of these points when confronting him:

  • Who the hell is that slut? What haven’t you called me back? What did you do tonight?
  • What did I do to change your mind?
  • Why are you having such an attitude about this?
  • You need to just tell me the truth because I have no idea what the hell is going on.

There were probably more things. Remember, this was a few years ago when I was 16. But anyways, we ended up doing a mini-yelling thing. I mean, it seemed a little intense for a little summer romance. But I was hurt. And to think that I was falling for him! He was being so secretive. What was he hiding!?

It ended up with some slamming doors and things I said I wish I could’ve taken back. I remember, though, as soon as I closed the door in his face, i leaned against it. Thinking, should I go back in there? I have to. It can’t end like this. I didn’t go back.

Later that night I got to thinking about love. So many people live by love: Happiness brings love, and love brings happiness. Even in one of my favorite movies of all time, Beauty and the Beast, this shown. The beast will be turned back into a prince one he finds happiness: he has to fall in love and someone has to love him back. This love will bring the happiness of being human back to him. But, as the narrator says, “For who could ever learn to love a beast?” I couldn’t help but wonder: Was love a fantasy? Were the stories we heard growing up never found in the real world? But most importantly, how do you know when you’ve found true love? We can’t all know by turning from beast to human. So: when will we find love?

To be continued…

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Continuing my High School experience in Paris from Part of the In-Crowd

I had been hanging out with “Miranda” a lot in Paris. She was in my photography class but she was an architecture minor (perfect for her future career of interior design). But anyways, she was always off with her architecture friends going on homework assignments to museums and things like that. So I had to fend for myself, branch out, and make some friends. Something I’ve never been so thrilled about, but I always seem to manage some way or another.

I was sitting in my cuisine class with my friend Carlie. I’ll use her real name, because I will never use her name again on this blog…we haven’t talked since. I was taking notes about the art form of the “Mille-feuille” when I got a little piece of folded, white paper my name written on it:

Hey, you wanna grab lunch after class together?

Remember, this girl from New York who wasn’t really popular actually caught a guy’s attention. I didn’t want him to know all of this about me though. So I looked at him, nodded, and smiled. He looked satisfied.

So we went to a little café around the corner from the school. We were talking and laughing a lot, watching people on the busy Paris streets. We had lunch with each other many more times for the rest of that week. Each day, knowing more and more about him. He did something every day to surprise me: he held my hand, brought me a rose, etc. It was so romantic. I thought: How can this guy like me? I’m so lucky! He’s so cute and so sweet and funny! It’s like a fairytale! We went out to dinner with a big group of people, and ended up going to a bar afterwards. He bought be a drink, and we sat down with the rest of our friends. Like a lot of guys, he was so different when it was the two of us and when he was around his other guy friends. He tried to be all impressive and such, which was difficult when all I wanted to do was talk more with the “Big” I knew. Every time I tried talking to him about his life back home, his family, his friends, he just tuned me out. Why couldn’t he just answer the simple questions? I didn’t want to pry, but maybe there was something more to his life than just being a simple, cute guy. Some topic our table was talking about led me to ask him what he thought of a specific movie that was in theaters. I’ve never been given such an awkward look in my life. Then I pretended I asked the person sitting next to him, and he completely cooled down. I couldn’t understand why a simple question like “What did you think of that movie?” would bother him so much.

That night, he walked me to my room. He kissed me goodnight (did I mention that on our second date when he kissed me it was my first kiss? I don’t think I did. But anyways, age 16. First kiss…yeah.) Band I rushed to “Miranda’s” room to ask for her advice on the evening.

Maybe men are like “mille-feuilles”. They have a thousand layers, every one an amazing surprise, yet each hidden by another. We just have to somehow figure out how to discover all that they’re hiding. They’re like puzzles. Some people find a man whos every layer surprises them, intruiges them. They love figuring it all out. Those thousand layers can take a lifetime to reveal, but when you have the patience to go through multiple layers of the past, I think that that is when you have found true love. When I was 16, I couldn’t help but wonder: why wouldn’t “Big” let me in? Was it the fact that he had something from his past shut the outside world from interfering? Or, was I just not the girl in his life to trek through his mille feuilles?

To be continued…

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Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been keeping you all up to date! Work and my life have been really hectic recently. I’m in France, though, so it makes it all better! I can’t even begin to tell you how much weight I am gaining! All of the cheese, chocolate, NUTELLA, breads, ugh! C’est magnifique! Every morning, I tell myself to remember throughout the day to brace myself. By the end of the day, I know there’s always tomorrow. Hopefully one of these days I will learn some self-control.

By the way, I know I posted this before, but I’m so happy about President Obama. It feels like such an honor to be alive during such a historic time and being able to call Barack the president. One of my high school friends contacted me and we were just fawning over it. I don’t know a single supporter of Obama that when watching the inaugeration, didn’t have tears in their eyes.

Some of you have taken the poll a few posts ago asking me to talk more about my high school experiences. So I thought, I’m in France so why not talk about my first experience there! It’s not exactly about my high school experience, seeing as it wasn’t exactly school. But, it was the summer going into junior year that I had my first romance, whiskey and coke, trip to France, and bite of nutella. All of which would change my life forever.

I should start this out by saying that in school, I wasn’t exactly in the “in-crowd”. There was one group of about 10 girls always buying designer clothes, not caring about grades, and having amazing social lives. Then there was where I fit in. A group of about 5 girls who loved each other equally. We were each others best friends, but we were also friendly with the rest of the grade. I don’t know if this is making sense. The most important part of this fact is that you understand that going to an all-girls school and not having the best social life, my experience in France was dynamic.

I did a summer program in Paris. I went with “Miranda” the year we went into our junior year of high school. The drinking, the smoking, the partying, the friends, the history, the Seine, the shopping, the independence, the no school aspect! It was all a dream come true! I took Photography as my major and Cuisine as my minor. “Big”, a guy from L.A. was in my Cuisine major. I remember sitting down at my desk, looking up, and seeing his face. I was shocked that people that good looking were in my cooking class. But I guess I was staring. I looked up at me, caught my gaze, and gave me the “guy nod” and a half smile. I remember the second thing he did that caught my attention. We were going around the room talking about why we decided to take the class, my reason being that my mom loved to cook so I wanted to share her passion. When it came to him, he said basically he just loved to eat, and this class seemed like a good excuse to eat french food and pasteries. This got the whole class laughing. I looked at him, he was staring at me, making sure I heard his joke.

It was the start of something new.

To be continued…

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