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Hey everyone!
So I’m back on this side of the world…:( I’m missing France so much! It was such an amazing experience and it went by soooooo quickly!! But anyways, the traveling was fine. Except for the fact that the airline lost one of my bags! I’m so furious. It had all of my sheos and work materials and my favorite pair of jeans!! And all my makeup!! American Airlines better find it fast or else I’m going to have a hissy fit. This is my first time loosing luggage…I got back yesterday at like 2. So its been 22 hours. When do you think they’ll contact me if they find it? Ugh it’s so obnocious.

But anyways, if anyone goes to Belgium or Northern France, I suggest going to Lille, Bruges, and Brussels, as those were my favorite places. So much culture. So much food. So much fashion.

Post later!! Love you!


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Hey Everyone! Happy March!! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve just really been trying to absorb everything here in France before I leave! My trip has gone by so quickly, but I’m ready to go back. I miss old New York!

As I have been here in France, it has given me a lot of time to really think on my life. I’ve figured out so much about myself, and I feel like I ‘ve changed for the better. I’m really going to be giving my work a 100% effort. I really want to excell. Good things will come in the future. It reminds me of when I was in maybe sophomore year. Right about now, they’d start talking to us about APs, colleges, occupations, etc. I couldn’t believe it was finally my turn! I have 3 older sibilings so it was astonishing for me because years before, I had been mocking my siblings for having to take the SATs. But right about now, I realized that reality struck. But anyways, I’m sorry if I can’t post daily. I’ll try at least once a week.

As a part of lent, I’ve decided to 1) Quit smoking (I’ve started up again now being in France…) 2) To go to the gym. My friend “Stacy” and I are going to take some yoga classes, too. Exercise + Better posture= AMAZING and 3) Think about what I wear. I always envied the girls in my school who wore designers or who looked beautiful even to go to school. So now, I’ve decided that a little bit of effort, the night before or the day of, never hurt anybody.

But anyways, you may be confused about the title of this post. Well, I’ve adopted a new obsession with swing music. It’s so comforting. I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong decade, and now I think that decade was the 40s. I loved the fashion, the music, everything. Think, The Notebook, one of my all-time favorite movies. So, I’ve assembled a little montage of 40s items for you, with some modern twist. Enjoy!

PS I’m really in love with dresses for the spring and summer, so keep an eye out for any cute ones! I’ll be posting ones I find, but if anyone posts on this showing my cute dresses, I’d really appreciate it and use them in my blog posts!! xoxox

1940s Fashion
1940s Fashion – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com

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Heyy!! France is pretty amazing. I had an amazing night on Saturday. Very very fun. But anyways, I just wanted to keep you guys posted. I’ve been thinking a lot about labels and thought I’d share it with you guys:

My friends all have their trends: “Carrie” wears lots of bows and girly clothes; “Stacy” wears a lot of rocker-esque clothes which totally fits her musical personality; “Miranda” wears a lot of boho styles…think Sienna Miller; “Samantha” wears a lot of out there clothing; “Anthony” (my other friend who I don’t think I’ve talked about) is more preppy with a hint of high fashion. So, I’ve decided that my style is preppy-meets boho-meets high fashion-meets classy-meets provocative. Since I don’t have a defined style, I kind of wear whatever I feel in the mood for that day, I’ve decided that I don’t need a label in the fashion world. Therefore, I’m going to be investing in more shoes and jewelry. I am comfortable knowing that I don’t have a defined style, so I can just amp up any outfit with an amazing necklace or fierce stilettos. Leighton Meester has said that one of her favorite outfits is jeans, a tank top, and a pair of out-there heels. I totally agree. As long as you incorporate some sort of aspect of you into an outfit, and as long as you feel comfortable, I feel like nothing should hold you back. I’ll be showing you guys a lot of examples of things I want to invest in. In the mean time, have a great week!!

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Since I’m getting ready to leave in 2 days for France, I was thinking a lot about what I’ll miss in New York. The constant busyness and noise makes me feel like I’m never alone. The constant easiness of walking (I can’t imagine having to drive just to get groceries) and the easiness of transportation (all you have to do is step off the curb and put your arm out to get a cab). The crisp winter air. It makes me sad to look at all that I’m leaving behind. I mean, I know that this will be a great adventure, but I am going to miss so much. Experiences with my friends. The amazing job that I love. My family. The english! France is definitely an experience of a lifetime. I am so thankful for the¬†opportunity. But I can’t help but know that even though I’m putting my life on hold and starting a new lifestyle for the next 2.5 months, no one here is stopping with me. What I’m trying to say is that I definitely have cold feet. I’m just hoping for the best. I know that New York is just a plane ride away, but I’d feel like a quitter. The only time I’ve ever quit something is smoking. Tonight I got to comforting myself. It won’t be that bad. You’ll pick up the language quick enough. It will be amazing. But I can’t help but wonder: are all of the decisions you make in life for the best?

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