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My favorite type of therapy: Retail. When you put on your favorite outfit or item of clothing, you feel like you rule the world. Here’s my advice for the next time you need a pick-me-up: throw on an outfit that makes everyone stare… and flaunt it. Here are some cute new Items I’ve come across:

Marchesa Two Toned Ruffle Dress- Neiman Marcus

Women’s Merona Medow Ballet Flats- Target

Flannel Red Shirt- Top Shop (Best to buy vintage)

Ruffled Shirt- American Eagle

Sweetheart Bustier Dress- Fred Flaire

Nylon Tricot Figure Skater Dress- American Apparel (I like charcoal, but there are other colors)






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My Best Recent Buy::


Dress from American Apparel

Dress from American Apparel

Just saying, that model isn’t me. It’s a girl from American Apparel. But anyway, this dress may be the most worn item of clothing in my closet. It can go from day to night easily and looks really cute with a jacket. American Apparel clothes are so simple, but are always used. Go buy something.


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