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Love 21

Forever 21 came out with an amazing new line called Love 21. Here are some of the items I think are absolutely amazing:

So those are some of my favorite Love 21 pieces. I also wanted to share with you some pieces that I bought from Forever 21. Enjoy!


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I Love Being A Girl

I Love Being a Girl
I Love Being a Girl – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com

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which princess are you?
Fairytales can come true
Fairytales can come true – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com

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Heyy!! France is pretty amazing. I had an amazing night on Saturday. Very very fun. But anyways, I just wanted to keep you guys posted. I’ve been thinking a lot about labels and thought I’d share it with you guys:

My friends all have their trends: “Carrie” wears lots of bows and girly clothes; “Stacy” wears a lot of rocker-esque clothes which totally fits her musical personality; “Miranda” wears a lot of boho styles…think Sienna Miller; “Samantha” wears a lot of out there clothing; “Anthony” (my other friend who I don’t think I’ve talked about) is more preppy with a hint of high fashion. So, I’ve decided that my style is preppy-meets boho-meets high fashion-meets classy-meets provocative. Since I don’t have a defined style, I kind of wear whatever I feel in the mood for that day, I’ve decided that I don’t need a label in the fashion world. Therefore, I’m going to be investing in more shoes and jewelry. I am comfortable knowing that I don’t have a defined style, so I can just amp up any outfit with an amazing necklace or fierce stilettos. Leighton Meester has said that one of her favorite outfits is jeans, a tank top, and a pair of out-there heels. I totally agree. As long as you incorporate some sort of aspect of you into an outfit, and as long as you feel comfortable, I feel like nothing should hold you back. I’ll be showing you guys a lot of examples of things I want to invest in. In the mean time, have a great week!!

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Which Sex and the City lady are you most like? Once you’ve figured it out, click on the character’s name!!

Carrie Bradshaw
One Word: Fashion
Wants most in life: To find love
Occupation: Columnist
Style: Unique/ Boho
Favorite Accessory: Shoes

Samantha Jones
One Word: Sex
Wants most in life: Sex
Occupation: A-List PR Worker
Style: Revealing/ Sexy/ Confident
Favorite Accessory: Jewelry

Charlotte York
One Word: UpperEastSide
Wants most in life: To be in a happy, loving marriage and be a mom
Occupation: Works in a gallery
Style: Preppy
Favorite Accessory: Pearls

Miranda Hobbes
One Word: Opinionated
Wants most in life: To accomplish everything
Occupation: Lawyer
Style: Business Attire/ Simple yet fantastic
Favorite Accessory: Cell phone

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See the Nine Reasons by clicking here!

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For my entire life, I’ve loved the Christmas season. The gift giving and┬áreceiving, the amazing sales, the food, the smells, and of course the snow. Well, like every year, now that Christmas is over and we are about to ring in the New Year, I feel tired of the cold weather. I just can’t wait for the spring/ summer weather. Since in New York the cold weather doesn’t go away until about April, I love wearing bright colors in the winter. They make me and everyone around me in a better mood. Here are some examples of bright blue items that can be worn in the winter.

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