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Hey Guys,
My entry Top Songs At The Moment has been really popular on my blog. So I decided to update it, since that one was written in November. Here is my second take on it. Tell me what you think!

1. It’s A New Day– Will.I.Am- So inspirational. So amazing. I love the lyrics so much.

2. About a Girl– The Academy Is…- I’m really loving this song. It’s lyrics are really cute. And the music video is adorable!

3. Thinking of You– Katy Perry- The music video is so sad but so touching and so amazing! The lyrics are really catchy, like all of her songs.

4. Rich Girls– The Virgins- Catchy and really fun to dance to!

6. Toi Plus Moi– Gregoire- Great french pop. Eventhough I don’t understand it, it’s really good!!

7. Wonderwall– Oasis- Love the acoustic. The lyrics are so good. And the tune is really catchy.

8. She’s A Lady– Forever the Sickest Kids- Love the chorus!! This song is really cute! The lyrics are really fun to sing.

9. Dear Maria, Count Me In– I’ve loved All Time Low for a really long time. My friends have just taken my advice to listen to them and they’re hooked. Love them!

10. Everything I Asked For– The Maine- “Carrie” made me listen to The Maine and I’ve fallen in love. This song is among my favorites.

11. Time To Pretend– MGMT- Of course, I have to finish the list with one of my favorites. This song is kind of European Techno… but it’s amazing. Buy it right now!


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Welcome back, Britney. You look amazing. xxo






 Songs to download from her new album, Circus:
-Shattered Glass
-Out from Under

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Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven’t been been writing a lot recently. I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot of work to do. Things between “Trey” and I have gotten pretty bad. Work is really overwhelming. As you may have read on my friend Meg’s blog (A Vogue Idea), Samantha is becoming much more distant. To quote Meg, it’s so “Un-Sex and the City”. But anyways, as a highlight to my pretty terrible week, I’ve found a few great songs that I love and decided to share with you. Here they are:

Whatever You Like and Live Your Life- T.I. (Live Your Life feat. Rihanna)


Love Story by Taylor Swift

Now or Never; The Boys are Back- High School Musical 3 Soundtrack

I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You- Black Kids

I’m Yours- Jason Mraz

Let It Rock- Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne

Hot N Cold One of the Boys- Katy Perry

Cry for You- September

Je veux te voir- Yelle

Love Remains the Same- Gavin Rossdale

Everything- Michael Bublé

These songs put a smile on my face when I really need it. Love Story is a cute story within a song. High School Musical was actually surprisingly good. It wasn’t only amusing for little kids. The Black kids song is very upbeat and fun to dance to. I’m Yours is really cute. I love all of Jason Mraz’s songs and saw him in concert, which made me fall even more in love with him. Let It Rock is fun and rap with alternative. Hot N Cold is so fun to dance to and the lyrics are fun. Cry for You reminds me a lot of Cascada, fun techno music. Je veux te voir was very popular when I was in Paris this past summer and is so energetic. Love Remains the Same and Everything are cute love songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

PS. Happy Halloween!! What were you? I was Little Miss Muffet. 😀

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