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I’ve been subscribed to Net-A-Porter email notifications for quite some time now. But it’s one of those things that I see as an alert on my blackberry and just pressed “Delete”. But, today, I decided to keep it in my inbox, and check out what they had to say tonight. Turns out, I’m so happy I did! It introduced me to some really cute clothes!! Enjoy and PLEASE comment to let me know what you think!
xoxo Zoe

PS I’ve figured out how to put the polyvore links right onto my blog so you don’t have to click on the links anymore. Enjoy and please tell me what you think!


Net-A-Porter Spring Dresses

Net-A-Porter Spring Dresses – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com“>


Net-A-Porter Spring Accessories, Shorts, and Tops
Net-A-Porter Spring Accessories, Shorts, and Tops – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com“>


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the short-cut

As many of you may have read previously, I have never been a stick thin girl. I’m toned because I work out at the gym, but ever since I was about 13 years old, I’ve had to focus on my weight. I can’t eat whatever I want and stay thin like most of my friends could. Therefore, from an early age, I had to eat right, but also dress in certain ways to flatter my body. The hardest thing I’ve found to find the perfect fit of is jeans. I have short legs and I proudly have hips. If you are like me, not like “Carrie” with envious long, lean legs, here are some of my suggestions for my favorite jeans and cuts:

The first two are from http://www.hottopic.com. Don’t get fooled by the website’s punk rock feel. I love these Tripp jeans. They’re so comfortable. They’re partly spandex, partly denim. Since they’re skinny jeans, theyre perfect to wear with boots. Plus they lasted me so long!

The next two are from J.Crew. The first are very Carrie Bradshaw. Baggy and ripped, but comfortable. They work really well on my little legs. The others are bootcut for a different feel. For the days that my legs don’t look their best, I use these as coverup.

The last pair are from Levi’s. I really love them. The color is cool and unique and theyre comfortable. I had to change the size though, they were a tad small so look out for that.

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Pain is incorporated into our everyday lives. Whether it’s physical like tripping on the sidewalk, getting waxed, or squeezing into your two-sizes-too-small stilettos. Or if it’s emotional: a break up, loneliness, or even more, death. You never know what will happen in the future. Plans change. One event can lead to another that you weren’t expecting. It’s all fate. I believe you choose your fate. Maybe you’re destined to go somewhere, meet certain people, make certain decisions. But the way you get there is all on you. I also believe you learn from your mistakes. You learn to just let go of your amazingly gorgeous stilettos after resisting for all of these years. These events lead you to come face-to-face with fate, but pass it without many difficulties. I can’t help but wonder: if I could part with my Christian Louboutins after struggling and pain, why is it so difficult to part with other relationships? I loved my shoes. I fought with them. They hurt me. And I miss them. But I can forgive-and-forget. I’m not saying shoes are people. But why do relationships, even the smallest ones, leave such a lasting impression on you? Maybe its the fact that you may always think it can work out again: even if they are in another relationship, they could separate. Even if they’ve moved, they can always come back. The fact of the matter is, it was fate. You went through exquisite pain when it was over, but you have to forgive-and-forget.

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Heyy!! France is pretty amazing. I had an amazing night on Saturday. Very very fun. But anyways, I just wanted to keep you guys posted. I’ve been thinking a lot about labels and thought I’d share it with you guys:

My friends all have their trends: “Carrie” wears lots of bows and girly clothes; “Stacy” wears a lot of rocker-esque clothes which totally fits her musical personality; “Miranda” wears a lot of boho styles…think Sienna Miller; “Samantha” wears a lot of out there clothing; “Anthony” (my other friend who I don’t think I’ve talked about) is more preppy with a hint of high fashion. So, I’ve decided that my style is preppy-meets boho-meets high fashion-meets classy-meets provocative. Since I don’t have a defined style, I kind of wear whatever I feel in the mood for that day, I’ve decided that I don’t need a label in the fashion world. Therefore, I’m going to be investing in more shoes and jewelry. I am comfortable knowing that I don’t have a defined style, so I can just amp up any outfit with an amazing necklace or fierce stilettos. Leighton Meester has said that one of her favorite outfits is jeans, a tank top, and a pair of out-there heels. I totally agree. As long as you incorporate some sort of aspect of you into an outfit, and as long as you feel comfortable, I feel like nothing should hold you back. I’ll be showing you guys a lot of examples of things I want to invest in. In the mean time, have a great week!!

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Hey everyone! Here are a few more of my collages. Please tell me what you think and/ or if you have any requests!! xxo Zoe

Rocker Look

Black and White

Summer/ Spring Outfit

Urban Jewelry


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Here are a few things I’ve made. Tell me what you think!




And some newer ones…


Richard Avedon

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My piece of advice: one pieces are officially making a comeback. Thank god. I mean, I always had one over the summer, but I normally just wear bikinis. These new designs from Urban Outfitters, Intermix, and Victoria’s Secret give me a great way to cover up my tummy on the days that I would normally have to suck in. Bring on the ice cream on the hot summer days! Here are my suggestions for cute one pieces:



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