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I just found a cute application on my computer called Comic Life. It allows you to make Comic Book styled pages. Instead, I have made collages. Here’s what I’ve made so far. Enjoy!



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Dress for Success

These are all “Oh No She Didn’t” moments:

Miley Cyrus: Purple, Blue, Green, Newspaper?!? This outfit does not work. The jeans are cute, and so are the boots (purple= this season’s hot color!) The shirt looks like scraps put together. Plus, the green color with the purple boots is just bad to begin with.

Kate Hudson: NOTE: NEVER WEAR A SKIRT WITH A TOP THAT’S EVEN SEMI-BAGGY. It looks terrible! You have to wear the┬áreciprocal. If you’re wearing a tight skirt, wear a looser shirt, and vice versa. Under circumstances, to tight with tight but never baggy with baggy.

Take into consideration my advice!! Trust me, with these simple tips, it can totally transform your outfit putting all eyes on Y.O.U!

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