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I had such a great yesterday with Carrie in our beautiful New York spring weather. It was so great to catch up after I had been gone for so long. We cleared through some of the drama that was lingering from before, and we rekindled, making our friendship stronger than ever. She’s been so busy lately with filming, her love life, some family issues, and new friends that it’s been hard to just get a moment alone with her. But, I’ve got to say, being with her yesterday felt just like our high school years. Yes, it’s been a few years, but we used to be the fashion forward girls in love with two things: our city and each other. Yesterday, I felt like we were those two, young, carefree girls again. Life was so much simpler before sex, work, taxes, and other things came into play. Yesterday, we not only rekindled our friendship, but we also revisited places we had gone when we were little. Central Park is a place of wonders. To the New Yorker, it’s the only hint of nature in sight. I didn’t know until the beginning of high school that the park isn’t actually nature, since it’s technically artificial. But to the New Yorker, it’s an escape from the craziness. That’s one of the things I love about New York: there are always streets you’ve never been on, corners you have yet to explore. But also, you have the best memories in places that will never change. If you are ever in New York, visit our closest thing to the outdoors and do the following things:

Central Park Snack Stop

If you go to central park, you absolutely HAVE to try one of the authentic pretzels or hot dogs. A pretzel with mustard or a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, or both is an absolute necessity if you want to be accepted by a New Yorker. If it’s spring or summer, you can also treat yourself to a King Cone, Firecracker, or Chocolate Eclair ice cream…all of those three are my favorites.

Imagine Mosaic at Strawberry Fields

After John Lennon was shot, they dedicated a section of the park to his musical and songwriting brilliance. In Straberry Fields, there is a famous mosaic that says “Imagine” after his song advocating peace. This touristy spot represents so much not only in musical history but also the history of the United States. If you want to pay your respects, this is the perfect place to do so.

Belvedere Castle

For a great view of bits of Central Park and part of the city, go to Belvedere Castle. This fairy tale setting is perfect for kids. So cliché, but when I was little, I used to play here with my friends and we’d make believe we were princesses. It’s a great walk, with a great reward as a view.

Bethesda Fountain

Speaking of princesses, in Enchanted starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, the catchy number “That’s How You Know” is filmed here. This fountain is a right next to part of the pond, and is great for relaxing. With benches, the edge of the fountain, and stairs crowded with people taking a seat from a long walk, this is a great meeting place.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

For all of you who don’t know what a reservoir, its basically a large pond-esque body of water, artificially made, as a water source. The Reservoir is known by Upper East Side private school kids as death…as we had to run there for gym class in school. Even though I hated running then, the view was worth it. The pond is surrounded by a tar running lane, and below that, there is the bridal path, where you can walk, bike, run, etc. by yourself or with your dog. This part of the park is great for excersize, and at night, has a beautiful 360 degree view.

Bow Bridge

The Bow Bridge is one of my favorite views of Central Park. Usually holding  many tourists, locals, brides, and grooms, this bridge has a view of the water, trees, and buildings. It’s gorgeous on a warm spring day, and is the perfect hint of city with nature. It totally does it for me.

Central Park Boat Rowing

If all of that walking is making your legs tired, give them a rest and let your arms put in some effort. Rowing boats on the water is a fun activity for kids and adults. Bring a camera, if you have the courage, to take pictures with your friends during this fun activity. Try not to tip over, an embarassing event I’ve never witnessed while here. Neighboring the boats is the fancy Boathouse restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend going there in your boating clothes, but it’s a great restaurant used for many weddings hidden in Central Park.

The Carousel

There isn’t really much to say about this one, except for the fact that I have many memories here with my family. This fun ride is cheap, and will get “Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 🙂

The Mall

Unlike suburbia, we don’t have shopping malls in the city. Instead, our mall is a long, wide walkway through the park. On either side, there are benches with musicians. It’s the perfect place for roller blading, skateboarding, etc. It kind of has the essence of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris if any of you have been there before. With this fun, lively space, you can stay here for hours just people watching.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to New York! Of course there are many more sections and activities I love that I didn’t add, but you should! Comment and let me know what your favorite parts of the park are. If you have any questions, requests, or advice, also let me know! I’d love to hear what you have to say. xoxoxox Zoe


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Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been keeping you all up to date! Work and my life have been really hectic recently. I’m in France, though, so it makes it all better! I can’t even begin to tell you how much weight I am gaining! All of the cheese, chocolate, NUTELLA, breads, ugh! C’est magnifique! Every morning, I tell myself to remember throughout the day to brace myself. By the end of the day, I know there’s always tomorrow. Hopefully one of these days I will learn some self-control.

By the way, I know I posted this before, but I’m so happy about President Obama. It feels like such an honor to be alive during such a historic time and being able to call Barack the president. One of my high school friends contacted me and we were just fawning over it. I don’t know a single supporter of Obama that when watching the inaugeration, didn’t have tears in their eyes.

Some of you have taken the poll a few posts ago asking me to talk more about my high school experiences. So I thought, I’m in France so why not talk about my first experience there! It’s not exactly about my high school experience, seeing as it wasn’t exactly school. But, it was the summer going into junior year that I had my first romance, whiskey and coke, trip to France, and bite of nutella. All of which would change my life forever.

I should start this out by saying that in school, I wasn’t exactly in the “in-crowd”. There was one group of about 10 girls always buying designer clothes, not caring about grades, and having amazing social lives. Then there was where I fit in. A group of about 5 girls who loved each other equally. We were each others best friends, but we were also friendly with the rest of the grade. I don’t know if this is making sense. The most important part of this fact is that you understand that going to an all-girls school and not having the best social life, my experience in France was dynamic.

I did a summer program in Paris. I went with “Miranda” the year we went into our junior year of high school. The drinking, the smoking, the partying, the friends, the history, the Seine, the shopping, the independence, the no school aspect! It was all a dream come true! I took Photography as my major and Cuisine as my minor. “Big”, a guy from L.A. was in my Cuisine major. I remember sitting down at my desk, looking up, and seeing his face. I was shocked that people that good looking were in my cooking class. But I guess I was staring. I looked up at me, caught my gaze, and gave me the “guy nod” and a half smile. I remember the second thing he did that caught my attention. We were going around the room talking about why we decided to take the class, my reason being that my mom loved to cook so I wanted to share her passion. When it came to him, he said basically he just loved to eat, and this class seemed like a good excuse to eat french food and pasteries. This got the whole class laughing. I looked at him, he was staring at me, making sure I heard his joke.

It was the start of something new.

To be continued…

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“If you are single there is one thing you should always bring out with you on a saturday night. Your friends.” Carrie Bradshaw said that line in the season four premiere of Sex and the City. Last night, my friends and I had no trouble following her advice. New Years Eve is the day to have an excuse to party hard, drink way too much than you can handle, and have fun with strangers. Well, “Carrie”, “Miranda”, “Stacy”, and I had no problem doing that last night, and I have the hangover to prove it.

New Years in the city is an event that one has to plan out. The subway is free that night, which makes transportation seem much better. But, one can imagine how insanely crowded it becomes. Everyone, of course, takes advantage of it. That’s why it is good to wear your most comfortable heels. Last night alone, I walked a good 30 blocks away from where I started to get a cab back uptown. And I was lucky in that sense.

The bars are CRAZY. You can tell that the underaged teenagers are trying to flirt their way in to the best clubs and restaurants. Clubs usually get leisurely about who they let in. They know everyone just wants to have a good time. It can get expensive ordering cosmo upon champagne upon sea breeze in the bars. I’m not going to say that it’s worth it in the end, because I’m suffering like crazy. But it was amazing while it lasted.

All I can suggest if you do have a half bottle of Veuve-Cliquot, 4 cosmopolitans, and a few shots and a beer or two, eat lots of carbs and drink lots of water. Remember you’re not in it alone. I’m guessing a good 70-75% of Americans are feeling your pain.

So, in conclusion, think about your New Years resolutions. Good luck with everything you are doing this year and I hope everyone has amazingly happy years!
xxo- “Charlotte” 


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Here is list of my favorite places to eat in New York City. They’re magical.

Barney Greengrass– 541 Amsterdam Avenue at 86th Street                                                                             My favorite breakfast spot in the city. The Lox are fantastic and so are their bagels. It’s a fine size, but gets crowded really quickly. Make sure you get there a little bit before you’re ready to eat.












Pop Burger– there are two: one right next to FAO Schwartz on 58th between Madison and 5th and one between 14th and 15th on 9th (the original)                                                                                                     Pop Burger is my favorite american food restaurant in the city. The “Pop Burger” is fantastic. A few mini-burgers with shredded lettuce and a house mayo-sauce is to die for. The lobster roll is also amazing. Its low key and hip environment is captivating. My friends and I loved the 3 different movies being played on the walls. The front is a counter… more like take out. The back is more of a lounge and bar.

Our Place– 81st and 82nd on 3rd                                                                                                                 The best chinese in the city is… Our Place. The waiters are so nice. You can’t help but overeat at this restaurant. The steamed vegetable dumplings, chicken with broccoli, and peking duck are all to die for.

Mughlai– 75th and Columbus                                                                                                                           The best Indian I’ve ever had. The chicken tikka masala is so amazing, and so is the onion naan.

Crumbs– Multiple locations include 78th and 3rd and 75th and Amsterdam                                               The best cupcakes in the city. For the cupcake menu click Here.

I couldn’t just pick one Italian restaurant so here are my suggestions:
Mediterraneo- 66th and 67th on 2nd.                                                                                                       Great homemade pastas as well as great sauces. Good pizza. Love the goat cheese salad there. 

Serefina’s– 79th and Madison                                                                                                                     Their Caesar Salads and pastas are great, but their pizzas are AMAZING. Love the thin crust here.


Patsy’s THE BEST PIZZA IN THE CITY! My favorite is the one in Harlem, but the one near Bloomingdales is great for a post-shopping bite. In Harlem, the coal burning pizza oven gives it a chewy and crispy crust. Their crust is thin. Their sauce is tangy. The best pizza. Ever.


If you want some serious Italian culture, go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Right next to Fordham University, this street, I’d say, is the heart of Italy in New York City. I used to go with my whole family a few times  year. There’s one open market with a bunch of men in the front rolling up cigars. The entire area smells like a mixture between cheese, ham, cigars, and tomatoes. Where else can you come home with a huge hunk of parmesan cheese that will last you a month?


Any questions/ suggestions? Want me to give you advice for any type of food in the city? Comment!

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