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Hey Everyone! Happy March!! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve just really been trying to absorb everything here in France before I leave! My trip has gone by so quickly, but I’m ready to go back. I miss old New York!

As I have been here in France, it has given me a lot of time to really think on my life. I’ve figured out so much about myself, and I feel like I ‘ve changed for the better. I’m really going to be giving my work a 100% effort. I really want to excell. Good things will come in the future. It reminds me of when I was in maybe sophomore year. Right about now, they’d start talking to us about APs, colleges, occupations, etc. I couldn’t believe it was finally my turn! I have 3 older sibilings so it was astonishing for me because years before, I had been mocking my siblings for having to take the SATs. But right about now, I realized that reality struck. But anyways, I’m sorry if I can’t post daily. I’ll try at least once a week.

As a part of lent, I’ve decided to 1) Quit smoking (I’ve started up again now being in France…) 2) To go to the gym. My friend “Stacy” and I are going to take some yoga classes, too. Exercise + Better posture= AMAZING and 3) Think about what I wear. I always envied the girls in my school who wore designers or who looked beautiful even to go to school. So now, I’ve decided that a little bit of effort, the night before or the day of, never hurt anybody.

But anyways, you may be confused about the title of this post. Well, I’ve adopted a new obsession with swing music. It’s so comforting. I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong decade, and now I think that decade was the 40s. I loved the fashion, the music, everything. Think, The Notebook, one of my all-time favorite movies. So, I’ve assembled a little montage of 40s items for you, with some modern twist. Enjoy!

PS I’m really in love with dresses for the spring and summer, so keep an eye out for any cute ones! I’ll be posting ones I find, but if anyone posts on this showing my cute dresses, I’d really appreciate it and use them in my blog posts!! xoxox

1940s Fashion
1940s Fashion – by newyorkecherie on Polyvore.com


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This is one of my favorite kisses of all time. Everything about it, is just way to cute to be real. The best kisses are the ones in love. But if you haven’t found that yet, just know that every kiss you receive is nothing compared to the one you will get with the perfect person. I’m still looking for him, but I know that with that first kiss, I will know. In the words of Louis Armstrong, it will be “a kiss to build a dream on”. So without further adieu, here is one of my favorite kissing moments.

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