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My friends and I had a free day yesterday. So, we went to Bloomingdales and got chocolate from Valentine’s and went ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park. Braving the freezing weather was totally worth it when we saw the Bloomingdales and Barney’s windows. The Barney’s windows all had peace themes and Bloomies was all Christmasy. Here are some pictures from Bloomies from my Blackberry.


I love this one because of the naughty and nice list. So cute!


This one is so cute. At the windows, all of these displays have some sort of movement. In this picture, the kids on the sleds are swaying and moving and stuff.


This one is my favorite. It’s the father coming home from war on Christmas eve. So heartwarming!


This one is in front of Bloomingdale’s in the 1960s. It’s cute last minute shopping type of stuff. And if you look closely, behind the couple on the left is Santa ringing his bell for the Salvation Army. In New York, when you go to midtown, you can not only hear the bell ringing all of the time, but you can also smell the chesnuts being roasted on open fires.


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-25 Days of Christmas (1 Daily Christmas Song, Christmas Recipe, Winter piece of clothing, Christmas movie)

-Favorite Holiday things to do in NY

-More on my life in High School and today.

Any suggestions?

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Here are some outfits that I tried to find similar pieces to. Tell me what you think. Anything you want me to find for you? xxo:


 Selena Gomez    Rachel Bilson    Nicky Hilton

byCORPUS Suit Jacket- Urban Outfitters $118

demi_lovato1   14957914_11_b

Demi Lovato

Kimichi Blue Chantilly Dropwaist Dress- Urban Outiffters $29.99

eva_longoria   prodimagems

Eva Longoria

Laundry black matte jersey twisted shoulder strap dress-Bluefly $165

megan_fox   15356330_66_b

Megan Fox

Silence and Noise Strapless Sateen Dress-Urban Outfitters $58

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“Cause I’m not your princess.
This aint a fairy tale.
I’m gonna find someone someday
Who may actually treat me well.
It’s too late for you and your white horse
To try and catch me now.”
-“White Houses”, By Taylor Swift

Ever since I was a little girl, I remembered to go around the black cat, walk to the side of the ladder, toss salt over my shoulder, and to avoid any heavy type of machinery on Friday the 13th. These superstitions are the common ones. Well the other day, I opened an umbrella inside, and I think it came into effect today.

I woke up this morning, not expecting what was to happen. I got up, went to the gym, got my Venti Vanilla Latte from Starbucks, and went to work. As I sat down at my desk, I went through all of my e-mails, all of my phone messages, all of my text messages. It was a normal day in the life of Zoe George.

I met up with “Samantha” for a quick lunch at Eli’s for our semi-weekly play date for the salad bar. As I was walking down the steps of the 86th street subway, I hear the classic blackberry “Beep! Beep!”. I look down, while grabbing my metro card. It was “Trey”. I stopped in my footsteps, completely unaware of all of the traffic. All I could look at was his name in the column. Being nudged a few times by a mean old man to get out of the way, I went down to the subway.

Eventually, as I squirmed for a seat on the train, I got up enough courage to look down at my phone.

"I made a mistake. I miss you. Call me soon. Love you."

 I quickly wrote a reply:

"I miss you too. When can we see each other again?"

I pressed send. Anyone who has ever been in the New York City subway knows that although it has air-conditioning for those unbearable hot summer days, there is no cell service.

Later that day I got to thinking: what if it was a blessing in disguise that that mean old man nudged me down the subway stairs? What if it was my conscience warning me about “Trey”? I know that I will make mistake texts, send them without really thinking about the consequences. But I also can’t help but wonder, what would have happened if I hadn’t opened that umbrella? For the next few days I have a feeling I’ll be turning pennies over so people can have good luck and thinking of four leaf clovers, horseshoes, and rabbit feet.

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Hey everyone. So, I was looking at my blog, and I realized that I haven’t been talking about something I was going to talk about from the very beginning: life on the Upper East Side. I’ll explain to you about my life. I went home this weekend to see my one of my sisters, brother, and parents. I went into my room and found a box full of my books, including my old diary. It got me thinking about my childhood and teenage years. The school work I had to do, the shopping and partying I took part in, and the luxurious life I wanted.
To show you what the real life of a Gossip Girl was, I made a list of ways you know you’re from the Upper East Side:
1) SCHOOL: Going to a top rated school on the Upper East Side. Getting tons of work and studying your ass off so you can go to the college of your dreams. Speaking of college, your parents on your back since the 9th grade talking to you about what college you want to go to.
2) PARTIES: Going out with a group of friends to bars and clubs, other peoples houses, getting drunk making mistakes.
3) GUYS: We don’t have the hot quarter back to fawn over. It was more of the musicians I liked, but there are also the smarter, sweet guys (for example Dan Humphrey), the rich guys who love drugs and get easy girls (Chuck Bass), and the sensitive athlete… usually a soccer, basketball, or baseball player (I guess Nate…).
4) GIRLS: The typical cliques apply in New York. There are the super rich, beautiful, skinny girls, most of whom don’t care at all how they do in school. They waist their money on cigarettes, alcohol, and designer clothes. Then, there is the group where I fit in. The girls who did pretty well in school, had interests, and weren’t easy with guys. I mean, of course I partied and smoked and drank, but school was an important part of my life. Then, there was a majority of the grade who were basically just study-holics and didn’t care that they didn’t have social lives, as harsh as that may sound. It’s the truth. Oh, and there’s also the girls who love Bob Marley and have sex and do drugs at way too young an age.
5) SUMMER: Most people went to their Hamptons houses over the summer or got internships in the city. If you didn’t have a house in the Hamptons, you most likely had a friend that did. You’d go out there for the beach during the day, and the amazing parties at night.
6) LUXURY: Benefits, Fashion Shows, Designers, Park Avenue apartments, personal shoppers, drugs and alcohol, summer houses. All of these things come with the territory of being on of Manahattan’s elite.
But what if you are not one of Manhattan’s elite? Your family isn’t as rich as all of the others? You aren’t allowed to party as much as the other girls? Your parents are strict? You aren’t allowed to buy designer clothes? You’re not a stick thin girl just like all of your friends? You want so desperately to fit in with the status quo but you just… can’t?
Welcome to my life.

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Any Suggestions?

Does anyone have any good suggestions for stores online? I am kind of getting bored of the ones that I check everyday 😀

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