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Yes We Can

Tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow makes history.
Tomorrow Barack Obama becomes, officialy
The President of the United States.
The First Black President.
I want change.



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In honor of our new President- Elect, Barack Obama, I wanted to dedicated to some clothes that were patriotic. Obama is showing the world that it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, whether your black, red, white, or blue.


Obama Tee (Urban Outfitters $28)

Silence and Noise Strapless Sateen Dress (Urban Outfitters $58)

Juliet Dress (Urban Outfitters $78)

BCBG Crochet Dress (Bluefly $89.99)

Red Christian Louboutins (Bluefly $616)

Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Movie Blue Manolo Blahniks (Saks $945)

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Congratulations to newly titled President-Elect Barack Obama. All my thoughts for John McCain. He fought hard. But, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Barack Obama is our new president. It’s taken more than two centuries, but we have an African-American president.
Let me just say, I’m proud to be an American. Are you ready for change? Yes, we can
Infinite x’s and o’


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My Very First Political Entry… Probably my only one. Just to warn you. There probably won’t be very many more of these in the future. 🙂

The Stock Exchange. These few words, in the past few days, have become some of the scariest ones out there. There is no way to predict what’s going to happen next. I’m not big on politics much at all. I mean, I vote, but I’ve never really been one to take a stand. On this blog entry, here are some ideas I’m going to try to start doing with my life. I just learned today, that at my alma mater high school, 21 children won’t be coming back next year because their parents can no longer afford the tuition. What if these people were the next doctors to cure cancer? They shouldn’t be deprived of a good educations. Here are some good ideas to help out our country:
1) Don’t spend as much money. Becoming more frugal is a good way to save up what you’ve got, but it also helps in the long run.

2) Take a stance for something and believe in it. If you love animals, become aware of your community and help out at the ASPCA or something! Those people can use all of the help they can get.

3) Donate old clothing or books to people. They can really use it.

Also, now that I’m doing all of this talky stuff, I might as well say what I believe is one of the biggest problems in the world today: Global Warming. I know people have heard this a lot recently, but it’s all very true. Here a good ways to be eco-friendly.

1) Stop using our world as one huge garbage can. Don’t pollute. Animals are dying because of things we carelessly dump into the ocean and on the sidewalks.

2) Stop Smoking! I know it’s hard to stop, trust me i know. But when you do, here’s what you’ll accomplish: you won’t die as quickly (always a plus), you’ll have more energy, and the world will be a lot cleaner. A main reason a lot of people smoke is to curb their appetite. Well, would you rather look like a skinny yet old, wrinkly, haggy 30 year old or a fit one with all of their looks still in tact?

3) Unplug anything that’s not being used. If you go away for the weekend or even just out for the day, unplug coffee machines, toasters, clocks, lights, etc. All of this energy is being wasted which is costly and… just plain old wasteful.

4) Reuse paper. Recycle it, too. Instead of throwing out a scrap copy of something, rip it into bits and use them as reminder notes, or whatever you can think of. NOTE: You can recycle your old magazines, too! Just rip out the annoying mail-in ads. Also,  Get e-mail ads from stores instead of catalogues.

5) Don’t kill bees! They’re going extinct. With no bees, there’d be less pollen transportation. Without that, fewer trees! It’s just plain old logic, people.


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