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Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted recently. I was really busy with my family and stuff like that. But I got a lot of clothes that I’m excited to wear and a new camera that hopefully I’ll be able to use to post pictures of items that I own instead of just stuff online. I went shopping with my sister the other day and we came across some amazing sales. I got some really great stuff at Barney’s for basically half off of the usual price. So, here are some of my favorite sales right now. Stock up! Do something for the recession: did you know that it is better to buy about the same about you were before, maybe a little less. Don’t buy too much but don’t buy too little! If you think about it, it makes sense. If you are buying food, you are keeping the farmers in their jobs. So, anyways, go out and buy a little something. I’m not trying to make this sound like I’m finding an excuse to go shopping. But just try to do a little something for those who have close to nothing left. Here are my suggestions. Enjoy!

Intermix– Intermix is having a great sale. This Stella McCartney dress was going for $1,295 and is now $509.

Urban Outfitters– Urban’s sale is on a limited amount of stuff, but most of it is pretty good. I especially like this Charlotte Ronson Bolero. It was at first $281 and is now $199.99.

Piperlime– Piperlime shoe store is having a really good sale. I would never be able to wear these boots because my legs are so annoyingly short, but these over the knee boots started at $750 and are now on sale for $369.99.

Saks– Saks is having an amazing sale. I love a lot of the Saks designers so this sale is heaven to me. Here is a Diane von Furstenberg dress (Before: $365 Now: $219) and also a Robert Rodriguez one (Before: $539 Now: $215).


Barney’s CO-OP– This always has great deals. Here is a great Diane von Furstenberg dress (Before: $465 Now: $279) and top (Before: $245 Now: $149).


Shopbop– Shopbop is having an amazing sale. These following items are great deals! The dress by Foley + Corinna was at first $440 and is now $132. The other dress started at $550 and is now $385.


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Ever since I discovered Intermix one time walking down the street a few years ago, I couldn’t help but become obsessed. It carries some of my favorite designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Roberto Rodriguez, Elizabeth and James, but especially Herve Leger. This brand is one of my favorites. The bandage dresses and skirts are amazing and I feel are flattering on any figure. Many celebrities love the comfortable, stylish dresses. Here are a few of the Herve Leger dresses from intermixonline.com.


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Here are some suggestions for clothes the holidays. They have great colors and fabrics.
1. BCBG Maxazria- Satin and Lace Dress $318
2. BCBG Maxazria-
Strapless Foil Mini Dress $318
3. BCBG Maxazria-
Round Collar Silk Dress $238
4. Robert Rodriguez Black Label-
Cate Silk Chiffon Dress $695
5. Diane von Furstenberg-
Lurex Dress $465
6. Silk and Noise-
Silk Ruffle Dress $78
7. Play by Charlotte Ronson-
Jacquard Tunic Dress $128








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(Lyric from: Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne)

It’s been a down week so far. This weekend better make up for the hellish weekend I’ve had. But, on a brighter note, I was re-doing my closet this past weekend to prepare for the winter. Here are some of my favorite outfits:


That’s my navy blue Urban Outfitters dress. You can tell in the picture on the bottom that the straps are twisted. Its called the Lux Spiral Dress. A really good buy. I had a chiffon obsession for a while.


This is my high waisted black pencil skirt. I had to hold it in the back because it’s too big. That made my day. I pair it with that orange satin shirt for a good office outfit.











I wore this dress to a benefit last year. I love it. It’s so confortable, an the black design at the top is very fun.












This is my DVF dress. I love her. The colors in her clothes are so fun. I love the colorblock design here, and I love the flap of material where the turquoise meets the black.


This is my Chloe dress. I love it. It’s so flowy (you can tell how much I like it from the way I was twirling in the pictures). 

Also, guys, do you have any questions about stores or clothes in New York? Or any questions in general. I’m here to answer!!


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