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I love cozy-ing up with these books. Here are some of the books I read over and over again, even though I know how they end.



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Which Sex and the City lady are you most like? Once you’ve figured it out, click on the character’s name!!

Carrie Bradshaw
One Word: Fashion
Wants most in life: To find love
Occupation: Columnist
Style: Unique/ Boho
Favorite Accessory: Shoes

Samantha Jones
One Word: Sex
Wants most in life: Sex
Occupation: A-List PR Worker
Style: Revealing/ Sexy/ Confident
Favorite Accessory: Jewelry

Charlotte York
One Word: UpperEastSide
Wants most in life: To be in a happy, loving marriage and be a mom
Occupation: Works in a gallery
Style: Preppy
Favorite Accessory: Pearls

Miranda Hobbes
One Word: Opinionated
Wants most in life: To accomplish everything
Occupation: Lawyer
Style: Business Attire/ Simple yet fantastic
Favorite Accessory: Cell phone

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Hey Guys,
My entry Top Songs At The Moment has been really popular on my blog. So I decided to update it, since that one was written in November. Here is my second take on it. Tell me what you think!

1. It’s A New Day– Will.I.Am- So inspirational. So amazing. I love the lyrics so much.

2. About a Girl– The Academy Is…- I’m really loving this song. It’s lyrics are really cute. And the music video is adorable!

3. Thinking of You– Katy Perry- The music video is so sad but so touching and so amazing! The lyrics are really catchy, like all of her songs.

4. Rich Girls– The Virgins- Catchy and really fun to dance to!

6. Toi Plus Moi– Gregoire- Great french pop. Eventhough I don’t understand it, it’s really good!!

7. Wonderwall– Oasis- Love the acoustic. The lyrics are so good. And the tune is really catchy.

8. She’s A Lady– Forever the Sickest Kids- Love the chorus!! This song is really cute! The lyrics are really fun to sing.

9. Dear Maria, Count Me In– I’ve loved All Time Low for a really long time. My friends have just taken my advice to listen to them and they’re hooked. Love them!

10. Everything I Asked For– The Maine- “Carrie” made me listen to The Maine and I’ve fallen in love. This song is among my favorites.

11. Time To Pretend– MGMT- Of course, I have to finish the list with one of my favorites. This song is kind of European Techno… but it’s amazing. Buy it right now!

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I Want it All

How much do I love computers?
Ever since seeing clueless, I’ve wanted a closet like Cher’s:

It has Cher’s closet programmed. It can also tell her what outfits match or not. Being bored, I was looking online and found a website that you can use to make little style sheets for blogs its:


While writing this post, I wanted to find a picture of Cher’s closet so I googled it. I ended up finding a program for MACs that keeps a list of things you have in your closet. I mean, it doesn’t show you what outfits do/don’t match, but with the internet, anythings possible for the future!

Do download Dress Assistant and keep track of all of the clothes you have, click here.

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First off, I wanted to thank all of my readers so much for the comments you all make and for taking the time to read my little blog. You have kept me going and I thank you so much! But, I want to speak out to as many people as possible! If you have the time/ anything to say, please comment because it helps me with future posts! Also, please tell people about my blog! It would be so helpful to me. Another thing that would be helpful is if you chose an answer in the following poll. Thanks so much for making my first year of blogging such a success for me!

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Welcome back, Britney. You look amazing. xxo






 Songs to download from her new album, Circus:
-Shattered Glass
-Out from Under

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This is one of my favorite kisses of all time. Everything about it, is just way to cute to be real. The best kisses are the ones in love. But if you haven’t found that yet, just know that every kiss you receive is nothing compared to the one you will get with the perfect person. I’m still looking for him, but I know that with that first kiss, I will know. In the words of Louis Armstrong, it will be “a kiss to build a dream on”. So without further adieu, here is one of my favorite kissing moments.

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