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The tulips on Park Avenue scream spring to an Upper East Sider, even if the weather today was reaching 90 degrees. Here is a picture I took on my blackberry. Enjoy!


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“If you are single there is one thing you should always bring out with you on a saturday night. Your friends.” Carrie Bradshaw said that line in the season four premiere of Sex and the City. Last night, my friends and I had no trouble following her advice. New Years Eve is the day to have an excuse to party hard, drink way too much than you can handle, and have fun with strangers. Well, “Carrie”, “Miranda”, “Stacy”, and I had no problem doing that last night, and I have the hangover to prove it.

New Years in the city is an event that one has to plan out. The subway is free that night, which makes transportation seem much better. But, one can imagine how insanely crowded it becomes. Everyone, of course, takes advantage of it. That’s why it is good to wear your most comfortable heels. Last night alone, I walked a good 30 blocks away from where I started to get a cab back uptown. And I was lucky in that sense.

The bars are CRAZY. You can tell that the underaged teenagers are trying to flirt their way in to the best clubs and restaurants. Clubs usually get leisurely about who they let in. They know everyone just wants to have a good time. It can get expensive ordering cosmo upon champagne upon sea breeze in the bars. I’m not going to say that it’s worth it in the end, because I’m suffering like crazy. But it was amazing while it lasted.

All I can suggest if you do have a half bottle of Veuve-Cliquot, 4 cosmopolitans, and a few shots and a beer or two, eat lots of carbs and drink lots of water. Remember you’re not in it alone. I’m guessing a good 70-75% of Americans are feeling your pain.

So, in conclusion, think about your New Years resolutions. Good luck with everything you are doing this year and I hope everyone has amazingly happy years!
xxo- “Charlotte” 


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Fall is coming. And, like any other New Yorker, I’m scouting out the newest trends. Whatever keeps you warm and is fashionable, I’ll take. I can’t wait for the smell chestnuts roasting in midtown, the sight of your breath, the Macy’s day parade, the Christmas trees at Rock center and Lincoln center, and of course, the first snow of the year. There’s nothing more comforting to me than sitting by a fire in Hamptons, listening to Christmas carols, having Hot Cocoa, and decorating our Christmas tree. Anyway, before all of the holidays begin, here are some of my suggestions for ways to keep you warm:

The Perfect Pinstriped Pant (casual or fancy)- Urban Outiftters

Grey Jeans (paired with many cute coats)- Urban Outiftters

Blue Jeans (these are really comfy)- Urban Outfitters

Cords (Very warm, an incessant fall favorite)- Urban Outfitters

A Knit Sweater (Add color to your outfit)- Urban Outfitters

A Comfy Wool Sweater (Love the design on this one)- J. Crew

Andrew Marc Wool Katie Coat (Formal white dress)- Saks

Ellie Tahari Mink Vest (So fashionable and warm)- Saks



Burberry Red Cashmere Coat (Cute for everyday; short)- Saks

Michael Kors Angle Booat (cute for going out)- Neiman Marcus

Fringe Suede Boot (cute for everyday)- Neiman Marcus


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New York, New York

Heyy everyone. So I’ve decided that my theme for today will be my hometown. New York CIty. For all of you out there who have never been here, you’re missing out. I’ll post some pictures from the internet of some of my favorite things in New York City. The next time I have the chance, I’ll take some pictures myself of some of my favorite things… including Union Square, Soho, interesting scenes, and cute little bookshops and boutiques. Any requests? Anything you want to see are real life picture of? I have one question: what’s your favorite part of New York?? Comment your answers.














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