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Which Sex and the City lady are you most like? Once you’ve figured it out, click on the character’s name!!

Carrie Bradshaw
One Word: Fashion
Wants most in life: To find love
Occupation: Columnist
Style: Unique/ Boho
Favorite Accessory: Shoes

Samantha Jones
One Word: Sex
Wants most in life: Sex
Occupation: A-List PR Worker
Style: Revealing/ Sexy/ Confident
Favorite Accessory: Jewelry

Charlotte York
One Word: UpperEastSide
Wants most in life: To be in a happy, loving marriage and be a mom
Occupation: Works in a gallery
Style: Preppy
Favorite Accessory: Pearls

Miranda Hobbes
One Word: Opinionated
Wants most in life: To accomplish everything
Occupation: Lawyer
Style: Business Attire/ Simple yet fantastic
Favorite Accessory: Cell phone


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That’s the last line in the Sex and the City movie. “Carrie” and I just had a movie night and watched the Sex and the City move for the second time. It makes you realize how good your friends are. My friends are my soulmates and I know they’ll never let me down. Love is comforting. So for this post, I’m sharing my favorite Sex and the City moments with you.

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