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No, this isn’t about the economic crisis. But actually…it kind of is… So I did some spring cleaning today and I’m having a really big problem: I have like no clothes! Seriously, though, I’m not the type of person who has like millions of things in their closet and says they have nothing. This is where it leads to the economic crisis…I need to do some serious damage at stores while not doing too much damage to my bank account. I already look at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Bloomingdales, Saks, and Barneys pretty much religiously but does anyone have any suggestions of where to shop that’s not that expensive!??! I could really use some advice.


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My friends and I had a free day yesterday. So, we went to Bloomingdales and got chocolate from Valentine’s and went ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park. Braving the freezing weather was totally worth it when we saw the Bloomingdales and Barney’s windows. The Barney’s windows all had peace themes and Bloomies was all Christmasy. Here are some pictures from Bloomies from my Blackberry.


I love this one because of the naughty and nice list. So cute!


This one is so cute. At the windows, all of these displays have some sort of movement. In this picture, the kids on the sleds are swaying and moving and stuff.


This one is my favorite. It’s the father coming home from war on Christmas eve. So heartwarming!


This one is in front of Bloomingdale’s in the 1960s. It’s cute last minute shopping type of stuff. And if you look closely, behind the couple on the left is Santa ringing his bell for the Salvation Army. In New York, when you go to midtown, you can not only hear the bell ringing all of the time, but you can also smell the chesnuts being roasted on open fires.

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