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That’s the last line in the Sex and the City movie. “Carrie” and I just had a movie night and watched the Sex and the City move for the second time. It makes you realize how good your friends are. My friends are my soulmates and I know they’ll never let me down. Love is comforting. So for this post, I’m sharing my favorite Sex and the City moments with you.


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That is what Jenny says to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, Season 3, Hot Child in the City. “You are so fucking hot” says the barely thirteen year old. Apparently, Carrie’s collumn in The Sun helped the young girl with sex. Seriously? 13? These girls portray the stereotypical New York teenager. Cell phone, the “in” clothes, and sex lives. It wasn’t like that for all of us, you know. As much as I watch Sex and the City and use it was the Bible to life… almost as much as Cosmo magazine… that’s a little far fetched. People say that when you turn 18, you get a new kind of independence. When you’re 18, you’re a legal adult. You can vote. You leave high school to go to college. You are finally completely in charge of your entire life and you have to take the blame for all of the bad decisions you make. I’m sitting here listening to sirens go by outside my window. I can’t help but be thankful that my mom was my alarm stopping me from making mistakes I would’ve regretted. In the end of the episode, Samantha is glad that even though these teenaged girl probably had more designer clothing than she had, Sam had something they didn’t. A childhood. Even if it meant working at Dairy Queen. What I’m trying to say is, be happy that your parents grounded you. You don’t want to look back when you’re old knowing you were a 13 year old slut.

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High school. Something very few people are brave enough to return to. Most people wonder: why would people ever go back to high school to be teachers? The answer: it’s way too addictive. Why do you think shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 are so popular? People can’t get enough of making fun of the bitches and sluts known as the popular girls at Upper East Side elite schools. Well, it’s fun to watch on TV. Not so much living it as your reality.

I mean the dressing up in designer clothes was fun, but the rich, spoiled brats were no fun at all. But hey, the drama always gave you something to look forward to. But the real question is: why are girls so catty?

High school is over, but my life is just as dramatic. Surviving on Starbucks and Cosmos is a great way of life, if you ask me. You can get drunk without your parents finding out, you can have sex without being a slut, and you don’t have to worry about your grades. You only have to worry about your job when, if you’re lucky, you’ll have an amazing boss (like me) who is laid back.

I went from Gossip Girl to Sex and the City in a matter of years. The only question at the moment is: what will we become next?

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That quote basically defines my life. I’m Zoe a.k.a. Charlotte Yorke. I’m the assistant to an editor at a magazine in New York City. I’ve always loved New York. Tourists understand New York, but you see it a total different way when you live here. The restaurants you always pass by, the stores where clerks know you, the same jog route you take day after day. It’s just your home. The playground I used to go to when I was little on 5th avenue is the one that I’ll bring my daughter to one day. But anyway, enough of the gushy stuff. You all probably want to know what the typical New York high schooler is like. The private school girl. We’ll I can assure you that Gossip Girl isn’t too far from the reality.

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